Yesterday and today it is only to lonely

A year ago and two years ago it was the same

I’m only seeing the well’s circle heavens

Don’t know how the world is going

But God’s words are messiah

Recovering my every life by his words

None seek his words

No one search his activity

“We are happy” “we have money” “we have a joy” people says

That’s real?

You understand this mean?

“There is no wisdom, nor discernment, nor counsel in opposition to Jehovah.”

If without Adonai they have future or hope or wisdom

I think that things not real

The World not love God nor know the God

The World is like the Sheol

Pulling every soul to death

We must keep awake

This is our daily cross

Korea’s Inside 4

DSCN1294 copy DSCN1295 copy

Taking pictures (2014-9-27)
In Korea the corrugated cardboards current price is ₩50($0.05) per 1kg
2006 year 150won($0.14) per 1kg why?
That corrugated cardboard collect agents are evilly consulted and fixed the price lowered
Only can riches breath and dying the poor ones this is a Country Korea!
Furthermore, Korean’s daughters drinking pleasantly a cup of coffee that prices 5000 won($4.79)

DSCN1296 copy

Behind these cars you see a banner and written this
“Illegal parking concentration crackdown range”